I’m sorry, it’s RANT time… just a mini rant… but GRRRRRRR!!!

I have just come home from a ‘parent-info’ session at my child’s school – where we get updated on what the children are learning and focussing on for the year and term: Powerpoint presentation, handout notes, going over the curriculum, class-timetable, homework, etc.

And ART was not there or mentioned one single bit!

I did make a comment. I couldn’t help myself…

Fortunately, the teachers this year are realising that busy and stressed-out parents and families are often not finding enough time to focus on homework… so they are openly saying it is okay if we don’t do it – as reading for fun, talking to family, doing sport, helping to cook dinner, etc. are all very important.

And I said, “Yes, maybe you could do some ART at this time, seeing though it is not at all being included on the school timetable and curriculum…” Hmmm wouldn’t that be nice!?

SERIOUSLY!?? When are the schools going to wake up!?

Queensland primary schools are WAY worse than Victorian schools that generally ALWAYS have an art room and a specialised art teacher…. Queensland state schools haven’t managed that in the past 30 years, and I completely feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall!

I just want you to think about the things that are IMPORTANT in life!? For enjoyment, pleasure, entertainment, etc.

Think about the areas that you choose to spend money on (after boring bills) – and CREATIVITY is generally SO significant in all those choices!

  • Do you like to go to the movies, or watch your favourite films and sitcoms at home?? (hello!? Everyone who is involved in the production of cinema and tv-shows is a creative person)
  • Are you into fashion and home decorating or ogling the latest sleekest cars?! (hmmm – maybe someone DESIGNED them!?)
  • Do you like going to music concerts?… hmmm I wonder if the sound-engineers, costume and lighting designers, and the performers themselves would consider themselves creative!?


Look around your home, your room… where the heck would we be without all the creative people who designed the objects you use, the toys that you love, the pictures on the walls, the books that you read…

And think of the people we will need in the future to come up with all the new ideas, products, technologies and world-solutions… Would you like that person to have had no time for art and creativity?

Why do so many people seem to misunderstand ART and think it is a ‘FLUFFY’ ‘IRRELEVANT’ ‘WASTE, of TIME’ subject?? And nowadays in many schools it doesn’t even rate as a ‘SUBJECT’ at all!??

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