Art Space for Hire

Independent Art Spaces now available!!

Choose the Art Space and time-slot that suits you best to CREATE in your medium of choice!

Yes, we do offer lots of fabulous classes and workshops too – but often our regular visitors just needed to be in our arty-environment to do the art of their choosing, without lots of teaching input…

So we’ve made spaces available for you to come and DO art anytime you want!

Come for a single visit, or book a regular timeslot – come alone or with a group of friends!

You can BYO art materials, use our general supplies or buy packs and art products to use too.

ALL of the spaces are air-conditioned in summer, and you have access to our toilets, washing facilities, drying racks, kitchenette, and art-inspirations galore.


*** Need to STORE your artwork + supplies in between sessions? – Just ask for a suitable sized container to suit your needs and we are happy to store for a minimal fee until your next visit – or lease some regular storage for yourself to access.


*** Art hosts / Teachers / groups – we welcome applications from local artists and members who would like to become one of our resident artists and supervisors of the space, or use the space to TEACH specific workshops and classes, or organise an art-group get together.




  • All spaces are in a secure semi-industrial commercial space and include electricity, access to toilet, water facilities, self-serve tea/coffee in kitchenette and air-conditioning.
  • Our general art materials and tools can be used during your visit including: paint brushes, palettes, easels, drawing materials, clay tools and boards, scissors, cutting knifes, stencils, tapes, adhesives etc. (All items must be cleaned and returned to original position and health and safety standards observed.)
  • A range of art packs and art materials are also available for purchase in the space – or you can bring along all of your own materials and supplies.
  • STORAGE – a range of storage options is available if you want us to store your art materials and artworks until your next visit.



Pottery wheel: you can hire our pottery to use in your space for:

Pricing: __2 hrs: $10__Half day (4 hrs): $15__Full day (8hrs): $20__

(clay costs extra!)

Screenprinting screens and squeegees:

Pricing: __2 hrs: $10__Half day (4 hrs): $15__Full day (8hrs): $20__

(Screenprinting inks and easy-cut paper costs extra)

Private Art Tuition:

Pricing: $60 per hour. ($30 for ½ hour)

Child Supervision:

Yes! You can choose to leave your kids with us… to do their own self-directed art projects in the space. The difference between this and a set class/workshop is that the supervisor is not teaching the students – instead they are present in a supervisory role only.

Supervisors may help and assist when needed, offer creative advice, and will ensure that children are being safe and behaving appropriately in the studio space. All supervisors have a Blue Card and are used to working with children – they are also practising artists and will be doing some of their own art in the space too – which is great for children to see and interact with an artist at work!

For children aged 2-7yrs – $10 per hour of supervision

Children aged 8-12 $6 per hour.

Teens: $5 per hour.

*** check our timetable for particular sessions to suit your child and supervision in the art studio!

Food + Drinks:

A selected range of healthy and unhealthy food and drinks is available for purchase from the display fridge – or put in a custom catering order prior to your booking.




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