Birthday Party – Food options

You can choose to self-cater your own party food and drinks, or choose from the following options:

Option A: $5 per person.

Fruit Platter (basic)
Dips, with crackers and veggie sticks.
Popcorn and potato chips.
Biscuits (eg. tiny-teddies or similar)
Jelly cups.
(These items are low-maintenance, and mainly pre-packaged) for customers who want a bit of nibblies, but not a huge emphasis on food…

Option B: $10 per person

Fruit Platter (a wider variety)
Dips, with crackers and veggie sticks.
Popcorn and potato chips.
Platter of mixed sandwiches or sushi.
Fairy bread.
Cupcakes or other ‘sweet’ slice or jelly cups.
(These food items have better variety and level of presentation – sure party pleasers!)

Hot food extras:

Party-sized frankfurts
Home-made sausage rolls

Other extras:

Cheese Platter_______$20.00
Antipasto platter______$20.00
(These are a great add-on if you are expecting quite a few parents to be present for the party and want to cater for them too!)


Jugs of water or cordial included for all parties.
+ parents can make themselves tea or coffee.


Our food-guy makes fabulously creative cakes! Contact Doyle Daines on 0425 461 325 to discuss the design and creation of a specialised cake for your party needs! The cake will be delivered to the space in time for your party and are usually $80


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