Collage Club – the Enchanted Forest

A while ago I joined the fun facebook group page: the Collage Club, and regretfully a few months slipped by without me finding the time to contribute a collage for their monthly theme… But as soon as the ‘Enchanted Forest’ was announced as a theme, my imagination was sparked, and I knew I had to make that extra-special effort! If I couldn’t create something for this theme, then I might as well give up and drop out of the group! (yes, I’m an all-or-nothing sort of person)

Despite a crazy-busy month – I managed to slip-out  for an hour after dinner one night and wha-la! (under-pressure and no time to change my mind…I just had to run with an idea and DO IT!)

The black spotted paper started me off. As soon as I saved this paper from the recycled bin (it was a discarded birthday-card envelope) I knew that this would be my mushrooms in the forest… Knowing me, I knew it would be rather ‘abstract’ too. I created the green background, and painted in a swirling sky. The trees i wanted to keep ‘simple’ – the branches were created from a magazine ad of a bronzed beauty showing lots of flesh (I liked the idea of the trees being ‘alive’ and ‘sensuous’ even…) I went with ‘traditional’ green and triangles for the first tree-tops, then mixed it up with other shapes and patterned foliage. (psychedelic trees?)

A door appeared, and a huge oversized glowing red moon.

Where does the door lead??

Aaahh. That’s when the real magic and enchantment begins!.. you just have to open the door and walk through…

Rest assured whatever is behind that door be it scary or amazing – there is no logic. Shapes and colours change and move… the best way to understand it is to have your creative-thinking brain switched on full!

The unexpected may happen (like the fact that I started out creating on an A4 piece of paper – but felt the need for the collage to grow outside the boundaries and have more elements stuck onto an A3 piece…)

And at the end of it all, I am not sure if I completely like the outcome or not… It was a fun experience none-the-less!

If you feel inspired to have a try of collage yourself and peek inside the mind of some fellow-creative people – be sure to join up to the facebook group page too! Also you can share your collages on Instagram at #blogcollageclub and please visit Leaf and Petal’s blog here:  – as she is hosting this month’s collage challenge on her blog and you can see what others have created for the theme!


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