Colour sorting + Object arrangement for Valentines Day

Here’s a simple and easy activity for all ages to enjoy!

Simply set up a table or space to lay out items to photograph and set the task/challenge to collect lots of items in that particular colour!
This is great for keeping young children busy as they search the house for objects in the colour of that day. Obviously they are learning about colours, and you can discuss all the different variations of that colour, and also colour meanings and associations.

Here the colour we chose was RED – which can well suit a VALENTINE’S DAY theme! Or perhaps you will choose pink or, white… or even choose particular materials and textures: such as ‘fluffy’, ‘wooden’, ‘shiny’, etc.

Older children will love this activity – as they get to play around with the ‘styling’ and arrangement of the objects, and can use the camera and practice their photography skills too!

Have fun with this activity – and please share any pictures of your own fun with us on Facebook or Instagram #alittlecreative

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