Life is precious and fragile…

Today as I was walking home from dropping the kids at school – a zillion thoughts going through my mind as usual about all the things I need to do – I noticed a small, broken blue eggshell on the ground. As usual when something catches my eye, I picked up the small item of natural beauty to look at it closer, and to keep it perhaps… I love to look at simple and beautiful objects such as feathers, leaves, stones, flowers, etc. to sketch, to collage with, or just keep as a natural memento.

For me, the eggshell signifies life, and death perhaps? I wonder if the little baby bird hatched out healthy and whole and is now in a nest being nurtured by a mother bird… Or did the egg fall when it was not ready to be born? Was the egg stolen and eaten by another creature? Questions… of life and death… but a reminder that all LIFE is precious and fragile.

At the age of 40-something now, I still ponder and question the meaning of life a bit… but generally the answers I have are all a lot ‘simpler’ than they were when I was in my twenties. I have less answers, but more appreciation and understanding. I am happier to be still – to let life be, to let questions go unanswered.

For me NATURE, and ART, and LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS are what are the most important things in life. I don’t like pressure and stress, and life being too hectic and rushed – yet every day the flood of such items can come to try to overwhelm me! Especially running this business of mine… life would be much easier in many ways if A Little Creative didn’t exist…

But along with the peaceful artist inside me who likes to be quiet and still, and alone and have time to reflect and create… There is a FIRE inside of me too. A person driven with passion and love and determination to share, to inspire, to teach, and to build a business that promotes and shares the arts in the way that I imagine it could be done.


A Little Creative is a DREAM of mine. It is complex and multi-faceted, just like me. And also it is far from perfect!

I have been in my large studio space for 1 year now. It has been a lot of hard work and struggles, and I am nowhere near being able to say it is ‘successful’ yet (just ask my accountant!)

But it is worth it – because it is my passion, my dream, my purpose – and I would much rather try and fail, rather than not try at all!

Life is about giving it your best shot. Trying, failing, learning and doing what you think is best at the time.

Quite a few of my staff members have been experiencing many challenges this year with health and family-stress. My heart goes out to them too. I have tried to be an understanding and supportive boss – but it makes my own journey of running this business a lot rockier and difficult.

My philosophy is to ‘go with the flow’, and just adjust and adapt as I go along… So changes may occur to our opening hours and to our class schedules as I try my best to navigate through the world of business with the resources I have available to me!

For now A Little Creative is focussing on delivering awesome arty-parties to families here on the Sunshine Coast, plus we are also plodding along with developing our ‘Party-Packs’ and other products which I hope to be able to launch soon(ish).

I LOVE doing classes and teaching children and adults of all ages – but the logistics involved in constantly marketing, communicating and arranging it all (especially around my family life too and other work commitments!) can be a bit overwhelming – so for this reason I have decided to DROP the afterschool classes for now, and JUST do – Private group-bookings where the onus is on YOU to arrange a group and the topics and date and time!

The last school-holidays were busy and lots of fun – so we’ll continue to offer a holiday program to keep you entertained and super-arty! (and if I have less on my plate in the term, I may be able to get all the details out to you early, instead of last-minute as usual…)

We will be opening soon regularly on SATURDAY mornings – to offer art between 9am and 12noon, and also CLAY will become more of a focus too – when I get the time to upskill myself more with working the new kiln!

There are lots of fabulous things always going on with A Little Creative, and lots of areas of ‘opportunity’ that could easily grow and develop… but as I am just one person – I tend to find it too hard to do it all!

Hence, I am always open to meeting any dynamic and like-minded individuals who would like to sub-lease some of my space (ie. The Café area!) or office or creative spaces to run their own ventures within… or people who want to team-up and collaborate with me! But I don’t have the energy or time to hunt or ‘chase’ people and such opportunities… just though I’d put it out there in case such people may find me – I will be open to hearing your ideas and proposals!

Hugs and love to you all -thanks for enduring my off-tangent blog post! And please continue to follow us and support A Little Creative if you too can recognise that ART is such a vital and important part of life!

Meanwhile, keep taking time to be still when you can (even only for a few minutes!) and appreciate all the simple things that matter the most.

Lindy xoxo

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