Party Time Example

Time schedule example of a 2-4pm party:

– 1:30pm – host parents are welcome to arrive about now to get unpacked/set-up with food and own party items (if you want to be even earlier that is fine – just let me know! – or if you are later, please aim to arrive by 1:45 as sometimes guests are early).
– 2pm – children greeting, placing presents on the table, exploring studio a bit.. tables set up for kids to start drawing..
– 2:15pm – get children settled at art table and commence art activity! – Painting work first to allow for time to dry..
– 3:00pm – if some children are getting restless at this stage, break for some party games. Serve party food, and children finish off their artworks – in which ever order seems best according to the mood of the children…
– 3:45 – serving birthday cake/sing happy birthday – getting organised to take items home, group photo!
– 4pm – party ends, hosts stay to pack-up and clear up their items. – but of course all art- activity mess is cleaned by us!

* Extra people:

Parents of the party-child and a few extra adults, siblings etc. are welcome – but children actively engaged in the artwork will be counted as a paying guest. An extra activity table is an option for younger siblings if desired…

** Presents:

The opening of presents is something you can choose to do at the party or not – and you simply decide when you would like this to take place – often at the end works best…

*** Parent supervision:

Games, arrival and leaving of guests, eating food and going to the toilet is to be supervised by the parents – often we will take this chance to clear up art materials, give any extra help to children who need it, or fix things up.

**** Can parents do the art?:

Parents are welcome to become involved with the art-activity and help children out, or chill-out and just observe and take photos!