Here at A Little Creative we offer several themes to ensure that your little ones birthday party is fitting for their wildest dreams. From Dinosaurs to Mermaids we’ve got several themes to choose from!

Sound interesting?


Activities will include making a crafted animal, and some extra construction and painting to suit the animal theme. (animal can be any kind such as a bird, cat, dog, farm animals, pandas, penguins, unicorn, underwater creatures, etc)

Paint some of our fabulous timber dinosaurs, find dinosaur bones, and paint or draw some pre-historic scenes.

Disney/Popular Characters:
We’ve done Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse / Minecraft / Octonauts and Peppa Pig… we can invent crafts for your favourite popular character!

Use either collage materials OR clay to make pretty little fairies and related items. (eg. A painted/collaged fairy and a wand, or small clay fairies and a tree-stump house)

Fashion Design:
Choose an era/style that suits you. Drawing, and designing, and construction of any item e.g fancy hat, fan, jewellery accessory, fashion illustration or collage.

Let’s paint the town red! Painting and making our own wooden spoon fire-man and truck, and a cardboard city to put fires out in.

In the Garden:
Drawing and painting flowers and plants, and making little bugs, butterflies, etc.

Knights & Maidens:
Make a sword and shield, or a fair-maiden’s hat. Design your own family crest and style of armour/costume.
Play with a mountain of Lego! – we will have fun Lego games and challenges to make, plus design your own Lego-Person.

*option to pay and purchase Lego creations built, or simply photograph your creations and pull apart at end.

Make wooden-spoon mermaids, an octopus or crab, and a painted and constructed rock-pool.

Make wooden-spoon pirates, a boat and treasure map.

Robots / Monsters/ Dragons:
Imagine and explore different types of robot or monsters and draw/design you own. Construct a 3D robot or monster using mixed materials. (monster/dragon could use clay!)

Draw and design your own superhero. Paint and make a mask and a cape!

Paint the galaxy with planets, shooting stars, black holes – and lots of glitter and sticky stars!! Make some astronauts and rockets or even crazy aliens.

Preschool Paint and Play:
For younger children a simple range of action-station activities may be best. Activities will include: Painting at easels, rolling-balls through paint, exploring printing, playdough and making a paper-plate/cup creature or wand.